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    Tropaeolum tuberosum, commonly known as the Mashua, is a tuberous root vegetable native to the Andes Mountains. It is a popular food source in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

    Tropaeolum peregrinum, commonly known as Canary Creeper, is a flowering vine native to South America. It produces yellow, orange, or red flowers and is a popular garden plant.

    Tropaeolum majus orange troika is a unique variety of nasturtium with bright orange blooms and a trailing habit. It is a great choice for adding colour and texture to any garden.

    Tropaeolum majus ‘Empress of India’ is an ornamental flowering plant with deep red, yellow-centered blooms. It is a fast-growing, easy-to-care-for annual that is sure to add a splash of color to any garden.

    Tropaeolum majus alaska mixed is a beautiful flowering plant with vibrant yellow, orange, and red blooms. It is an easy to grow, low maintenance plant that will add a splash of color to any garden.

    Trollius x cultorum ‘Lemon Queen’ is a stunning, lemon-yellow flowering perennial with a long blooming season. It’s an easy to grow, clump-forming plant that adds a bright splash of color to any garden.

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