How Tree Surgery Can Give Your Garden a Surprising Makeover

Its summertime, and you want to make the absolute most out of your outdoor space. Everyone is looking for a quick and effective way to spruce up and improve the general feel of their garden. Tree surgery is the answer! With the potential to be a striking change to the look, feel and health of your garden, tree surgery goes beyond the simple aesthetic. The Scandinavian attitude to lighting has vastly improved interior spaces around the world, and taking that attitude to your outdoor spaces can be a powerful tool for changing the tone and atmosphere of your garden, taking it from dark and dingy, to airy and open, while still maintaining that natural appeal of trees and the essential privacy they provide.

When overhanging branches can drastically change the look, feel and privacy of your garden and house, you need a tree surgeon with the right skills and eye to gauge the most effective and correct course of modification for your trees, or you risk over-exposing your house and garden, which can be a real issue if you live on a main road. Tree surgeons do more than change the aesthetic of your garden though, through careful and skilful pruning they optimise tree growth and health, providing your garden with sturdier, healthier and prettier flora. Here are some other amazing things professional tree surgery can do for your garden.

Encourage and Cultivate a Healthy Garden

Everyone wants a great, vibrant lawn, but grass, and all plants struggle to grow where sunlight is partially or wholly blocked. Trees can, if left unattended, block off chunks of light essential to plants below, and that’s why you need the trained eye of a tree surgeon to identify the most effective cuts to make. This is in order to optimise sunlight, and maintain the privacy and sound-blocking benefits of healthy trees.

Not only does tree surgery potentially aid the growth of other plants, but trimming and pruning away dead or dying branches of trees can facilitate and encourage new growth in your trees. Healthier and sturdier trees are more attractive, often flowering better and looking fuller, as well as being denser, which optimises the privacy and sound-blocking elements, which can be crucial if you live next to a busy road. As well as this, having dead or dying branches hanging around can be a hazard.

Modernise your Garden

Over the last couple decades, Scandinavian interior design, with stores like Ikea growing in popularity hugely, it’s never been more stylish or necessary to study the use of light in your living spaces. We think that attitude should spread to your garden. Gardens should be your own private place of peaceful, calm tranquillity, and avoiding the dark, mossy, dingy tones of a garden dominated by large trees is absolutely crucial. A skilled tree-surgery job will optimise light conditions in your garden, while maintaining essential privacy and quiet.

While the idea of maintaining and looking after trees like you might any other plant might seem a little strange, letting your trees grow out-of-control can have a dramatic impact on the light, privacy, noisiness and overall feel of your garden. Bring in a professional tree surgery service today, and optimise your gardens potential.


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